How to be book smart with Brummie Mummies...

And the return of The Menopod is coming soon!

Ah, the allure of the bank holiday weekend. After a rather disappointing May, where the only thing that sprung were the rainclouds, it is predicted to be a scorcher over the next week.

Perhaps you will use the nice weather to head out for a lovely walk, or visit the seaside, or you might decide to stay in the comfort of your own home - but there is one thing you can certainly do with an extra day on your hands: listen to our fantastic podcasts.

For the parents out there, our new Brummie Mummies podcast shows you the secret to getting your kids to love reading.

And a favourite podcast is returning! You can listen back to the first series of The Menopod - and get a taste of what to expect for Series Two with a brand new trailer released this week.

Brummie Mummies: take a leaf out of this parent’s book

In this week’s episode of the Brummie Mummies podcast, Zoe Chamberlain chats to bookshop owner and mum-of-three Jenny McCann about how parents can instil a love of reading in their children.

Jenny shares her tips on how to help reluctant readers, why reading is so important in all aspects of learning, and how, in later life, she juggles being a busy mum whilst running a new business.

Holding down a busy job and two children - with another on the way - Jenny felt like every moment of her life was accounted for.

So just before the first lockdown, she bravely handed in her notice at work and set about opening her very own children’s bookshop: The Bear Bookshop on Bearwood High Street in Birmingham.

And she has a little help from her three children, who ‘test’ her book selections and talk to customers about their favourite reads.

Jenny’s story is one not to miss! It really shows thatn there’s always a way to pursue your dreams and get a better life balance; sometimes it’s just about taking that leap of faith.

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Production notes from Matt Millard:

Working on this podcast with Zoe has been a truly enlightening experience.

Admittedly, I don't quite fit into the target audience for the show, as I don’t have any small humans to look after myself, nor any youngsters in the family.

However, the advice, guidance and life hacks, shared by the guests on the Brummie Mummies podcast, really are applicable to all of us - parents or not!

We’ve been fortunate to speak with so many truly inspirational people. We hear their incredible success stories, including those who have faced adversity, yet refuse to give up despite the many obstacles that life - and parenthood - can throw in their way.

So if you’re feeling a little low, a little lethargic, or if you are just intrigued to hear from amazing humans (that happen to be parents, too!), I strongly suggest giving Brummie Mummies a listen - this podcast is a real mood booster.

Have a great bank holiday weekend, I hear the sun is due to make a long-awaited appearance.

- Matt Millard

The return of The Menopod!

We have been holding onto this one for a while, and we have been very excited to finally release it to the world.

The Menopod is returning for a second series! Sorry, I haven’t quite got that one right.

The award-winning Menopod is returning for a second series, back by popular demand.

To get a taste of what to expect from the podcast that tackles puberty’s evil older sister one G&T at a time, we have released a trailer for The Menopod: Series Two.

Join hosts Susan Lee and Dawn as they answer the crucial questions for women over 45.

Sue and Dawn are joined by guests from all walks of life - from authors to actors, dieticians to fitness experts, and many more - exploring the world of the menopause in a fun and educational way.

The first series has been acclaimed, and there are always concerns about the difficult second album. However, I can safely say that The Menopod not only keeps up the quality - it builds upon it and continues to soar.

One minute you will be laughing along to our hilarious hosts; and then the next, you will be jotting down notes as you listen to our insightful guests, who demystify the hot issue of the menopause.

Keep an eye out - or rather an ear, since it is a podcast - for the return of The Menopod, which is coming very, very soon.

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In the meantime, have a fantastic bank holiday weekend - and enjoy the rare British sunshine!

Stay safe, stay informed, stay positive, and stay tuned.

- Dan McLaughlin

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