👶 The Brummie Mummies podcast launches!

And Scran debunks whisky myths in a new episode 🥃

It has been yet another exciting week for Laudable Podcasts, and we have much to update you with!

👶 The team have launched a brand new parenting podcast in collaboration with Brummie Mummies, sharing inspirational stories and top tips for mums and dads. Podcast producer Matt Millard previews the opening two episodes.

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scran, our hit food and drink podcast, continues to serve up the best dishes and drinks, and this week, a panel of whisky experts debunk myths about Scotland’s favourite dram. (It’s not a bad job, is it?) Morven McIntyre gives us a taste on what to expect from the latest episode of Scran.

🏆 And I, Dan McLaughlin, have been rewatching the thrilling moment when The Menopod became an award-winning podcast, sharing the high praise from The Publisher Podcast Awards judges.

We raise a toast to the exciting podcasts coming out of Laudable HQ.

Slàinte Mhaith! 🥃

So first, over to Matt Millard…

👶 The Brummie Mummies podcast is born!

This week marks two momentous occasions: firstly, I am booked in for a long-awaited haircut tomorrow! At last, I will be finally saying goodbye to my hideous lockdown barnet.

And secondly, our brand new parenting podcast Brummie Mummies has launched its first two episodes!

Yes, Tuesday this week saw the release of not one, but two new episodes of the new Birmingham Live parenting pod that shares inspirational stories and useful tips for mums and dads.

The first episode - ‘All about Brummie Mummies’ - does exactly what it says on the tin. Our host Zoe Chamberlain, co-founder of Brummie Mummies and parenting editor at Birmingham Live, takes you on a trip down memory lane.

Originally launched back in 2015, Brummie Mummies is a well-known community for families in Birmingham and beyond, helping parents to connect both online and in person.

In this episode, Zoe tells you all about Brummie Mummies. Find out how things started, how things have grown over the years, and what it means to be a Brummie Mummy.

Listen to the episode here:

In Episode 2 - ‘Why we should be proud of our wobbly bits - Sophia Cooper’ - Zoe chats to business owner, mum and fitness extraordinaire Sophia Cooper, who is calling for mums to celebrate their wobbly bits, instead of feeling embarrassed by them!

Sophia posted a picture of her post-pregnancy tummy on social media back in 2015, after feeling frustrated by air-brushed celebrity pics online. Little did she know that the picture would go on to be a global viral sensation.

In this episode, Zoe and Sophia chat about everything from postnatal depression and body image to how she set up a church hall group where mums could exercise with their babies.

Sophie discusses how her group transformed into the hugely successful OneFitMama fitness franchise that now offers free classes to help mums struggling with postnatal depression.

Listen to the episode here:

The Brummie Mummies podcast is a Laudable production brought to you by Brummie Mummies and Birmingham Live.

- Matt Millard

And now, Morven McIntyre takes the reins, giving us a teaser of the latest episode of Scran…

🥃 Scran: debunking whisky myths

It’s such a milestone that Scran has 54 published episodes since we launched in November 2019.

Starting as an idea in the newsroom to now featuring guests including Outlander star Sam Heughan, Bake Off winner Peter Sawkins, and chef Tom Kitchin to name but a few. I’m so proud of how far we’ve come.

Recently, Scran was shortlisted in the Podcast Publisher Awards in the Food and Drink category. Although we didn’t win the award,  the judges' feedback focused on the strong sense of community with a “sharp focus on the Scottish food and drink industry” and host Rosalind Erskine’s warm personality.

On this episode of Scran, Rosalind is joined by a panel of whisky experts - non-executive director of Spirit of Speyside James Campbell, author and OurWhisky co-founder Becky Paskin, and whisky author and consultant Blair Bowman. 

All panellists are involved in virtual whisky festivals: Becky with OurWhisky festival, Blair with World Whisky Day Weekender, and James with Spirit of Speyside which has been running for over 20 years.

The panel all share a love for Speyside: a well-established whisky region in Scotland. 

James Campbell said:

“I think Speyside has got everything. You've got Scotland and miniature starting from the top of the river Spey up in the Cairngorm National Park all the way through the Moray coast.

“And if you draw a circle of about 20 miles from there, you cover 42 distilleries. So that is whisky central.

“We always think that people come here firstly for the whisky, but it's also the people that they meet - the great stars who work for our distillery companies.

“We had visitors from 35 different countries last time, and the friendships that they create that brings people about year after year.”

The panel also debunk some whisky myths. 

Becky said:

“For me, it's that it's (whisky) too strong.  Or that women can't drink whisky because it's too strong and it's a man's drink and very masculine and something that only men should really approach and what I'd say to that is: ‘Well, do you drink gin?’

“Because gin is bottled mostly at 40% ABV and most whisky is also bottled at 40% ABV. So in terms of strength they're exactly the same.”

Blair also shared his whisky pet peeve:

“If I’m on a night out I like a Johnnie Walker Black with ginger ale - that’s my thing. But when I order it, people will challenge it, whether it be the people I’m with or even the waiting staff. 

“I have this weird ambition that we can get to a stage where we can all order a whisky however we wish, as if we were ordering tea and coffee.”

James added:

“One of the myths I don’t like is that as soon as whisky gets older it gets better.

“For example, a 25 year old whisky is better than a 10 year old and sometimes it is, but sometimes a younger whisky is even better.”

The panel also discusses tips on how to nose the spirit and why Scotch whisky has a magical aura that draws people in from all over the world.

For a full comprehensive guide on what whisky virtual festivals are available this summer and for some whisky conversation listen here:

- Morven McIntyre

And back to me, Dan McLaughlin. I am feeling quite thirsty after all of that! I will have to give the episode a listen to see if there any whisky recommendations to quench it…

🏆 The Publisher Podcast Awards: The Menopod “isn’t afraid or quiet”

It’s been over a week since The Publisher Podcast Awards winners were announced, and we are still buzzing about The Menopod’s win in the ‘Best Health & Wellbeing Podcast’ category.

When discussing plans for Series 2 with host Sue Lee over the phone, our hellos consisted of: “Hello, Mr Award-Winning Podcast Producer!” “Hello, Mrs Award-Winning Podcast Host!”

And we were able to relive that win after The Publisher Podcast Awards published the entire virtual ceremony online this week.

What was particularly nice was to hear the comments from the judges about the awards. We were so thrilled to hear the kind words from Laura Jenner again - and we thought we should publish them in full in this newsletter:

“I love this podcast, because it isn’t afraid or quiet. This is particularly important, because for generations, women have been expected to be quiet about the menopause, even when they are afraid.

“The best journalism brings light to that kind of darkness, and changes the way people feel about themselves and the world around them.

“This podcast does that, bringing humour and facts and genuine warmth to a subject others have ignored. It was an absolute pleasure to listen to, and join that community.”

- Laura Jenner, product designer at the New Statesman Media Group

You can listen to ‘Myths, misinformation, and the menopause’, the award-winning episode of The Menopod, here:

Listen to The Menopod on Apple Podcasts

New podcasts, new episodes, and new awards! It’s all new at Laudable HQ.

We hope that you have a great bank holiday weekend, and of course, a great way to spend your time off work is by listening to our diverse range of podcasts.

As always, stay safe, stay positive, stay informed, and stay tuned.

- Dan McLaughlin 🎙️

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